1. Introduction
My Personal Beliefs
I’d like to start out by saying that while what I will present here is intellectually strong, logical, and sensible, it has at its foundation something quite different.  I believe that there is a source of all life that is beyond our full comprehension.  This source can be felt.  Many people feel this source to varying degrees.  For me noticing this source is not constant and is affected by my own ability to be mindful of its presence.  Many times the sense of this source is so overwhelming that I am brought to my knees in tears that are not of sadness, but which are the result of feeling so loved and safe that it is overwhelming in contrast to how I have felt in the past. 
I believe that life is the best teacher and that life is bound together by the desire of one unifying source.  I believe that this source understands what we will all come to understand: Self Love and Self Trust.  I believe that what we experience is not happenstance, but is the result of our own creation, where “our” includes this involved source as well as the many people we share this world with. 
I believe that life is completely loving, just very misunderstood.  I believe this because I so misunderstood life for many years.  What I am able to see today is filled with understanding and love beyond my wildest dreams.  I still struggle with the events of my own life, but I now realize that I have the capacity to see what is happening from a greater perspective that offers me those deep feelings of love.
What I will present is going to require you to think in ways that you may never have thought before.  It requires courage to challenge ourselves when we are afraid of ourselves.  I believe that I have a deeper faith in many of you than you have in yourselves.  It requires courage to be willing to explore the nature of a reality that seems to have brought about so much pain and suffering for so many of us.  It is, however, a great thing you will be doing for yourself. Remember that the foundation of what you are about to read is one that led me to experience love to a degree I didn’t think was possible.  The main message here is that you can trust yourself, your life and life itself.