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This is an area that if explored by personally speaking with those who have died and returned, will convince you that there is much more to who and what we are.  Many death experiences and near death experiences (NDEs) are preceeded by an experience outside of the physical body that the experiencer has grown to think of as who they are.  Referred to as an "out of body experience" or OBE, the person witnesses their own body from above.  The term OBE was originally coined by Robert Monroe years ago.

While I am not a death experiencer, I am an OBEer.  From this and other experiences which were profoundly unusual to me at the time, I have been renewed and my faith in that "something more" strengthened.  Speak to a death experiencer with an open mind and begin to believe in "something more" that is experienceable by you too.  I believe that we have never been alone, and have always had some sort of guidance.  To those who have had a death experience, please contact me and tell me about it.  I encourage everyone to try to understand that our ideas about our experiences will transform us as much as the experience itself.  Understanding this, be open-minded to the possibility that there is no "bad", only experiences that we wish to have more of and experiences that we wish to have less of.  We are defining ourselves by our ideas about the way things are.  Let's define ourselves well.

With the greatest of love I wish you all that life has to offer. 


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