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I used to have out of body experiences usually 3-4 times a week. Now I have them maybe once every 2 months. I would not have this posted here if I had any doubts about the reality of such experiences. Though such experiences occur less frequently in my life at the present time, they have made a profound impact and have brought me closer to the reality of my greater existence which is undeniable for me. I may not know what is precise nature of my greater reality, but I do know that I experience it from time to time. We could rightly say that we are all profoundly magical beings. Within the depths of our shared being there are no secrets and there is a greater understanding of our interconnectedness and the mutual love that prevades us all. -Duane

  • I was at the Monroe Institute when I had my first kundalini experience
  • William Buhlman's book Adventures Beyond the Body
  • A good source about Out Of Body traveling information.
  • Michael Mamas This is the link to the school I attended in San Diego.
  • Bills Weird Science Place to start if looking for interesting things that are a little weird but backed by scientific research
  • Astrodienst A good astrology site that uses your actual birth date and time
  • AstralResearch.org

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