I'm Movin' On

I wrote this a few weeks ago and revised it today, June 24, 2003. It's very rough, OK, what's new. this is the first time I explored my voice as an instrument. that my not seem like a big deal, but to a guy who usually doesn't feel he sings very well (OK folks, no need to agree with me too heartily about this...), I like the way this came out.

There are lessons in this for me. The first one to learn to accept me for who I am and appreciate me as I am. I figure if I feel that the universe (god, all that is, whatever your perspective is) loves me and everyone for their uniqueness, then I would be more in sync with the flow of life if I were to learn to appreciate me as I am. If I respect others, then i should learn to respect myself more.

The second lesson is for me to learn to see the beauty in my creations versus the flaws.

The third lesson is to learn to believe that what I do is of value to others in some way and that though not everyone, nor even a majority, may appreciate what I do, I would be better off allowing the universe to get what it will from me versus holding back for fear of criticizm or because I see flaws that I would like to see removed. We are all a work in progress.

So here's another song that I wrote to inspire myself, which it does. It's for those times that I question what the heck I'm doing or what is going on in a world that can seem so crazy. It's a reminder that it's up to me to see through the muck with clarity. That it's the way I'm seeing things that needs revision. That like the ocean, the tides of my feelings and emotions move up and down. Behind that motion of emotions, there is the power of an ocean of which I'm part. I can flow with the tides of the ocean or I can resist that ocean. Of this I can be sure: As surely as the tide pulls back, it will again push forth. So it is with me. Ride with the flow of the ocean and you can eventually learn how to stay on top and not get sucked under. -Duane

I'm Movin' On