03.00.1994 Experience, Inference, Conclusion

Perhaps I have learned one thing so far, and that is that we all have experience of one sort or another. From those experiences we make inferences and then perhaps, with enough inferences in hand, we may make a conclusion. I see this often in the way I tend to operate. I am working currently on reducing the number of inferences and limiting the conclusions. For every argument, there has always been a counter argument, whose truth seems equally valid, given an open mind.

You see, what I once thought was so, was based on the above formula; experience, inference, conclusion. What did I truly know? Only that some things "seemed" to imply something else. When the framework of what you think of as your existence shifts, new things come to light. Previous inferences become only partially correct and many conclusions become incorrect in a larger framework.

So what do any of us really know? It seems to me to be a wiser course to resist conclusions. We exist so we are designed to express ourselves, but perhaps without the certainty of what is best for others or what others need. One of my most precious experiences was to see that there is nothing to "fix", only the beautiful expression of our deepest desires. I feel this within the deepest portion of my being. So I perhaps I must find were I will play myself best, as must we each.

Someone else once said, that the great obstacle to progress is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge. Everything I just said is subject to change in 5 minutes.

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