06.11.1993 Probabilities, Clarity of Intent, "Fishbowl" and "the Zone"

       The mind creates the future. If one is of 100% clear intent, without any contradictory feelings of goals, that goal will be achieved. We see the future as a probability for that reason. It's like voting, in mass and by ourselves. If we focus our attention and concentrate our thoughts, we achieve miracles, because nothing but miracles exist. Even our own delusion that we are limited is a miracle when you consider that we are of infinite potential.
     Example. You want X more than anything, or so you think. Along with that desire are probably other feelings about what should and shouldn't be, that you are not conscious of. Not that it is inaccessible, but just subdued to your awareness because you may not often think about it for various reasons. Factoring those in, you begin to see that our intent is truly in conflict to some extent. We have contrary goals.
     So how do these get resolved? Perhaps by others. If enough others have goals which may tilt the mass of interrelated probability, we may just move that direction.
     So, therefore, we may typically really allow others to influence our direction just by not having clarity of what we intend. This seems to me to be a great system. No one ever really does anything against us, but rather may seem to because we are unaware of our own latent goals/feelings.
     Spoke with Mike Krukow, former pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, yesterday about the mind. He spoke of the "fishbowl". He described a fishbowl, that there is a game/field energy that you tap into. Then once you tap into it, you must have 100% certainty that you are going to do whatever it is you are intending. When you get that ("the zone"), you've got it made. Makes sense.


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