What if God Was All of US...

If we take the view that we are essentially God, forgetting who we are intentionally, in order to explore an experience, then we would have to recognize that all that we encounter within our experience is within the totality of who we are. We would have to admit that we are effectively safe if we adopt this view. It occurred to me that during those times when I truly felt that I was part of this loving God-mind, I could rely upon this larger mind, that was me for the sake of this discussion, to gently guide me towards that which will nurture and move me forward. I would need only to live my life with this in mind as much as possible. The more I live my life with this in mind, in the greater ability I have to flow in the direction that will nurture and move me forward.

The difficulty for me is when I come to decision points in my life. These are times when I must choose between a number of alternatives and I have little certainty about. These are frustrating times for me, because I wish always to understand what is best in any moment, and such moments are those times of least clarity and therefore I feel I have the least amount of understanding. Perhaps the best way to address such things is to make decisions less with desire to understand the situations involved in terms of the mechanics of physical life, and more with this larger perspective in mind during and after the decision.

In the past my preferred method has been to not decide that all and to allow life to give me what it saw fit to give me. The difficulty with this method is that life often gives us those things could create additional discomfort for us so that we take more responsibility for our experience. This suggests to me that while what we choose is important, equally if not of greater importance is our life view within which these decisions are made. We could say that the outcome, while greatly affected by our decision, is also greatly affected by what is in our mind and heart that time and during the events that follow.

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