6. End Comments
Knowing is the servant of beliefs and not the other way around.  True strength is in understanding that your life is a function of what you choose to believe.  What you think of as fact is but another belief in which you have chosen to fully place your faith.  I trust that you will find that much, if not all, of what is presented is to some extent self evident just by personal introspection.  The most important thing that I would like you to remember is to trust yourself and your decisions.  Be willing to change because life is a process of change that will teach you what is most important for you to understand.  Past decisions may look like poor decisions, but that is only because you have gained that wisdom by virtue of such “poor” decisions.  Had you seen then what you see now, you would have chosen differently.  So “poor” decisions can be seen to be the teachers that they are. 
I encourage you to trust in your aspirations and dreams and be willing to look at what motivates you in those desires.  By looking at what’s going on inside of you, you are better equipped to adjust your direction and respond to opportunities that may, in fact, get you closer to what you really want.  Life is your friend.  Know thy self and you will become life’s partner.
You are on your path now. You have always been on your path, though your fears and doubts have led to sometimes take the more “scenic” route.  Trust yourself and you will find greater joy on your path and in turn that joy will spread to others.  I also believe that in trusting yourself, you will also rediscover that you are part of a greater perspective that you will also learn to trust.