5. Some Final Reminders
Why should you work to manage what you think and believe?  Looking for happiness by setting goals and achieving them is certainly a good way of strengthening self esteem.  Achievement is a great thing, but it will not give you peace of mind if you expect that the achievement of that goal is what will give you that peace.  All goals conclude, but understanding yourself is one goal that has no conclusion.  Learning to live in such a way that what you think and believe serves to make you happy and fosters a love of life, your life.  Achievement always ends up wanting once you’ve achieved it.  Achieving self mastery is what allows you to be more fulfilled in any context rather that just in the pursuit of a particular goal. It’s related to learning to be happy just being who you are.  Your self mastery rewards you in any context because it is based on what is inside of you and not what you do on the outside.  You climb Mount Everest. What next?  You achieve your goal.  What next?  Each new goal can be thought of as just a different diversion, if in the process of achieving your goals you don’t seek to understand the bigger picture.  You goals are not where you are going.  They are what you are doing now.  They may give you a sense of purpose, but if you are not happy pursuing your goal, then how can you be happy when you have achieved it and find that you now need a new goal?   Your life is right now.  Seek goals that reward you now, that fulfill you now, not tomorrow.  You are the only self you will always be with, so self mastery is essential