3. A Closer Look At Beliefs, Facts, Truth And Knowledge.
They say knowledge is power.  What is more powerful, to know something or to believe something?  Let’s take a closer look…
What we believe is what shapes how we feel.  What we feel we know can be thought of as a belief about something that we are sure of and therefore we don’t question it.  We question beliefs, but we don’t often question what we feel we know.  What can we say about what it means to “know” something? 
  • That we are done with that bit of understanding. 
  • That a contrary belief is not correct. 
  • That to know something is a step beyond belief.
If you were to become aware of being a chicken embryo, your experience of the past would not give you any real understanding of what your life will be when you hatch out of the shell you grew up in.  That same newly hatched chicken, finding itself now outside of the egg, trying to understand its past to gain knowledge, would create a very false idea of life if all it witnessed was a hatchery for eggs devoid of hens and adult chickens. 
What we consider knowledge is dependent upon the past being an accurate indicator of the future.  Therefore it always, always, holds the potential to lead to inaccurate conclusions.  Remember, everything changes and additional experience will lead to better understanding.