These are all me singing and playing guitar without overdubbing the vocals. Most of them were done in my kitchen because it seems to have the best acoustics and has a beautiful view of the city below. "I Can't See a Thing" was recorded with my headphone mic, so the fidelity is really bad, but I like the song. My favorite is "Roughed Up, Scuffed Up." If you can only listen to one, listen to that one. My favorite song I didn't write is "It's In Every One of Us". My mom actually passed away listening to me sing that one to her. It just feels so incredibly wonderful to sing and play. The feeling of the music just permeates my whole being. There are few other better ways, in my experience, to sense my connection with the universe. Music is like the voice of god working its way through and into the hearts and souls of all of us. Sing in your car, sing anytime you're moved to sing. Feel it in you and know that when you do, a bit of the universe is with you saying "I love it when you sing." -Duane

Stuff I Wrote

Roughed Up, Scuffed Up
Ever Wonder Why?
I Can't See a Thing
Moses Supposes
I'm Movin' On
Little (2-21-2004)

Stuff Others Wrote

It's In Everyone of Us (John Denver and the Muppets)
Give Me One More Shot (2-24-2004, Alabama)
I'm Your's (2-21-2004, Carolyn Dawn Johnson and others)
Gorilla (2-21-2004, James Taylor)






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